Is the food Halal?
The meat served at Baab-e-Salaam is 100% Halal. The meat is purchased from prominent meat suppliers in Manchester.

Do you cater for vegetarians?
Yes, we do cater for vegetarians as our menu includes a wide array of salads, vegetarian starters and vegetarian main courses.

Can I bring my own birthday cake?
Yes, customers are at the liberty of bringing their own birthday cake. Alternatively, customers can purchase a cake from us.

Do you have a car park?
Yes, we do have a car park which is located just in front of the Baab-e-Salaam building.

Does your premises have disabled access?
Yes, there is a disabled ramp which customers can use to gain access to our venue.

Do you have public wifi?
Yes, we have free, unlimited, high-speed internet throughout the building.

Do you have high chairs for children?
Yes, we are equipped with high chairs for children.

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