Types of events

Your wedding is the most important day of your life, so it has to be perfect!  At Baab-e-Salaam you can have an indoor wedding in luxury surroundings. We take care of accommodation, food, drinks and entertainment, while you enjoy the day.

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let us make your event perfect. elegant and distinct venue with the staff & expertise to meet the specific needs of your party. when you rent the entire venue for your event, your guests will enjoy a sophisticated ambiance, stellar service & great food. as always, we are here to make your event truly memorable.


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Elegant and distinct, Baab-e-Salaam is where grand events come to life. Baab-e-Salaam  is a perfect place for private concerts, music events and  more. Whatever your flavor we’ve got a space that’s right for you and we will guide you every step of the way to ensure you and your guests have a great time.

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Looking for the perfect venue to celebrate your birthday?  Baab-e-Salaam provide the coolest environment for any birthday party, and to make sure parents remain cool throughout the celebrations too, Baab-e-Salaam even provide you with your very own party host!

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Additional Services:

Plasma/Projection Screens

A great visual aid to use, either for showing images of the event itself, a live-feed from the cameraman or why not both? Keeping your guests engaged, it could also be used as an additional focal point on a larger screen. Presenting only in Full HD, your images will be crisp and the resolution will be optimised so it can be seen even from the greatest distance

  • Confetti Cannon

    Capturing that ‘Kodak Moment’ can be enhanced with the use of confetti surrounding your subject at that key moment of the cake cutting, exchanging of the rings, grand entrance or bringing in the new year.

  • Star Cloth

    A perfect background to give your event the feel that the room is larger than it actually is. Using LED lights and draping across the walls, moments can be captured perfectly whilst being surrounded by the night sky.

  • LED Up Lighting

    A fantastic compliment to the Star Cloth, LED Up Lighting, adds and fills the room with ambient colour where you and your guests are immersed in nothing but the tonally rich lighting.

  • Dance Floor

    Using LED lighting in the floor itself, the dance floor adds the extra flair and sets the tone perfectly. Easily installed and powered, and optionally combined with the Star Cloth, this is a great way of adding subtle class and drawing in your guests like a moth to the flame.

  • Indoor/Outdoor Fireworks

    Using pyrotechnics has become increasingly popular as visually, it captures everyone’s attention. Like the confetti cannon, it enhances moments tenfold whilst adding sparkle and dazzling your guests at the same time. Starting or finishing your event with a bang has never been so prominent.

  • Dhol Players

    The initial strike of the Dhol captures everyone’s attention and all focus lies upon the drumbeat that compels one to get up and dance. Our dhol players will make a majestic entrance and liven up any dance floor.

  • Bhangra Dancers

    Combining the most colourful and energetic, our Bhangra dancers have an infectious style of dancing that will not only add extra excitement to your event, but will also get you guests in the party mood. Whether dancing to their own rehearsed routines, or combining a performance with our Dhol players. This is a spectacle that needs to be seen.

  • Female DJ’s

    Considering the different communities, female DJ’s have also paved the way for hosting what is otherwise a male orientated position. A service that has been very popular in Arab and Pakistani events such as Mehndi and Walima’s, our DJ’s will emphatically define your event the way you want it whilst respecting traditions.

  • String Quartet

    Traditional Bollywood songs translated through classically trained musicians is an audible delight leaving you no choice but to smile at the all too familiar songs being played from soothing violins, the baritone control of the cello and lead by the voice of the viola. An ensemble that adds class to your event, a string quartet breaks from the norm and creates an air of originality.

  • Sittar/Tabla Players

    Sitar and Tabla instruments bring the rich and authentic sound of the East right to you. Like the string quartet, adding the extra cultural ambiance sets a calming and relaxing tone to your event without compromising the exotic tranquility.

  • Toast Master & Master Of Ceremonies

    Wearing a red tailcoat, our Master Of Ceremonies contain the regal quality to both efficiently control your event and politely introduce moments throughout the day. Bringing with them the experience required to host any formal even to any civil ceremony, our Toast Master add the extra pomp and splendor to make your event lavish.

  • House Lighting

    Creating that wonderful atmosphere will not be complete without adding an extra twinkle using fairy lights, or ambient uplighting for your home will not only add to the grandiose of your event but using external uplighting on the exterior of your home will add extra impact and let your guests know that they’re about to experience something special.

  • Pin Spots

    Pin Spot Lighting is a simple way to highlight all of the details and decor at your wedding with a big pay off. They provide so much value in enhancing your pictures and we guarantee if you ask any floral designer or photographer their opinion they will absolutely recommend this type of lighting for your reception.

  • Colour Washes

    Color washing is a technique used to transform an indoor room or tent into an enchanting environment. Your guests know they have reached the party once they step foot in the room and experience the difference. Transforming ordinary to extraordinary is what Brilliant Event Lighting does best, and this is the pinnacle of our service. When the magenta room wash has been executed to perfection, the women look stunning, the guys look handsome and the dance floor is glazed with a voluminous light. The entire room embodies a warm translucent glow that is comforting to guests.

  • Custom Gobo’s

    Project your name, logo or message in the style you want, anywhere near or in the venue for your event.

  • Draping

    Our wedding wall drapes can transform any hotel suite, sports or village hall into the fairy tale setting you’ve always dreamed of. We can incorporate organza overlays and coloured tiebacks to match your chair cover sashes. We also have venue drapes that fit precisely around essential doors and windows ensuring a neat and professional finish. We carry stock of the most popular sizes and our in-house team can create custom draping, friezes and pelmet to cater for the most challenging shaped venues. All our drape is fully flame retardant to BS5867 Pt2, the pipe and drape support system is fully freestanding and takes no fixing from the venue itself. All we need to give you a guide quotation is the dimensions of your venue LxWxH and a few pictures, you can take them on your phone and email them to us.

  • Dry Ice Machine

    Why not make your first dance extra special with a Dry Ice Machine this creates a lovely low lying fog effect for your first dance and fantastic photo opportunity, A memory to keep for ever.